Tears flow from my eyes
Meaningless and clumsy
Why are they here?
I am not sad.
What have I got to be sad about.
Nothing has hurt me
There is a hurt in my heart
But why?
I’m in love
But something is missing
Something that makes nothing everything
And I’m not sure ill ever find it
And I know that breaks your heart
It breaks mine too
But what can I do?
With these meaningless clumsy tears
Flowing down my cheeks
Like cold rain on a darkened window
I love you
But I cannot love myself


There Are 5 kinds of teachers in highschool


  • the ones who are basically your friends and you can tell them anything 
  • The ones who seem to hate teenagers and teaching and JFC why did they choose to do this for a living
  • the ones that are  really nice but just suck at teaching and you never really learn anything in that class
  • the dorky one that never gets mad just gives you that long “I’m dissapointed in you look”
  • the ones that teach no matter whats going on in the class